MEDA (Maharashtra Energy Development Agency) declares THE FIRM as best entry in the Architectural Competition for design of State-of-Art MEDA Office Building & Campus at Pune, based on green building principals.
Design provides MEDA with a strong identity exemplifying its values of sustainability and allows the company to operate in a comfortable environment that promotes the idea of a unified family of employees.
Some of the salient features:
  • Innovative Air-Conditioning (Direct Indirect Evaporative Cooling + Radiant with Pre-cool for Natural Cooling) with energy savings of 75% in comparison with conventional HVAC.
  • Steady 26 Degrees Celsius temperature throughout year.
  • 90% of the office plates are naturally lit.
  • 100% of internal electrical lighting load met via solar power.
  • 25 solar heaters provide 100% of hot water.
  • 100% rainwater harvested and re-used.
  • 100% of all non-potable water demand is met from recycled sources.
  • 66% water savings from low-low fixtures.
  • Native tree and plant species encourages a vibrant and lively ecosystem.
  • All proposed plants and trees Native to Pune and as a result will use 66% less water than exotic species.
  • Design decisions informed by highest ratings for GRIHA & ECBC Compliance.
  • The grand Atrium used for circulation; doubles up as a dramatic space to hold an environmental exhibition.