The prototype & parametric design of steel trusses and rings was flexible enough to cater to different road width i.e. supports at different intervals; resulting in sleek tubular design for FOB. The FOB used lighter structural members making it easy to be erected on site. It was designed in such a manner that it could be adpted to different site situations and constraints. The design is modular and cost-effective. When the design was initiated, one of the main concerns was that the span between the vertical supports as per the width of road segments was varying. The FOB was constructed comparatively much faster as the rapid design, fabrication and erection cycle with steel being the main structural elememt, allowed the framing system to finish sooner. Due to use of structural steel the construction productivity could also be enhanced, because of its shop fabrication, while maintaining tight construction tolerances. Not only is structional steel a stroger material, it also has a much higher strength to weight ratio, than other materials. This resulted in the FOB being lighter and required less extensive and costly foundations. The tubular shaped steel-structure of FOB uses the recyclable materials like glass and aluminum composite panels as cladding material.