ETC (Educational Training Cente) is one-of-its-kind facility for Special Kids. This is an initiative taken by the Municipal Corporation of Navi Mumbai.

NMMC e.t.c EDUCATION & TRAINING CENTRE FOR CWDA is a special school catering for students who have special educational needs due to severe learning difficulties, physical disabilities or behavioral problems. NMMC e.t.c. is specifically designed, staffed and resourced to provide the appropriate special education for children with different abilities. NMMC e.t.c. works on a principle to send students in mainstream schools after interventions in the school. The centre has grown to be one of the best and the most sought after in the state as important support for student with special needs

'I do not consider myself a victim of fate. But I am afraid... I'll become a victim of your neglect.'- special child

A parameter to evaluate the progress of a city, country and in turn society is to gauge the number of people contributing to it. Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC), Maharashtra, became sensitized to the needs of special children and got all set to ground its foot firmly to usher the present and the future of special children. NMMC took up the project for the betterment of these children as a whole by setting up this centre that caters to the educational, vocational and therapeutic needs of special children. NMMC aims to ultimately help the special children beyond boundaries by setting up a resource centre that will offer all the information related to the disability and special children.